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Fall 2017 & Winter 2018

UNH Trout Farm

Chef has partnered with UNH Extension and NH Sea grant in their Steelhead Trout aquaculture program. When you drop baby rainbow trout (a freshwater fish) into the ocean, the fish adapts to the salt water, and grows into what we know as steelhead trout!

Here’s a little more background… Steelhead trout are not native to the area, and are typically found in the Pacific Northwest. So what the aquaculture program at UNH is aiming to do, is to find sustainable and efficient ways to locally grow steelhead trout in order to help source restaurants like ours with quality fish! The fish, which spend the entirety of their lives–from seed to harvest– in NH, are housed in a prototype IMTA (integrated multi-trophic aquaculture) system. The IMTA floating platform also houses seaweed and mussels which mitigate the impact of the farm on the ocean. Where is this happening? Just off the coast of New Castle in New Hampshire is the floating pen where these rainbow trout are being fed, carefully watched, and are slowly adapting into steelhead trout. While the amazing biologists running this program are out on the water daily feeding the fish, once a week, someone from our restaurants will head out on the water to get an update on how things are moving along. We’ll be posting throughout the fall and winter to give you an update on the program. Check out the media page for recent articles.